LAM 103
SOLVENTLESS, film, paper laminates, 1. unwinder double bracket, max.reel diam. 800 mm, 2. unwinder double bracket, max.reel diam. 800 mm, pumping mixit unit, MERO corona treatment
1350 mm
year 1999
 LAM 084
SOLVENTLESS, Material BOPP, PET, PE, LDPE, OPA, CAST PP, CAST PA, ALU FOIL, Paper. Speed 400 m/min., max.diam. reel Un/Rewinder 1000 mm, Mixer 2 components VEA MATRIX M5.
1310 mm
year 2010
 LAM 083
SOLVENTLESS, max.diam. reel Un/Rewinder 800 mm, coating system solventless 5 rollers staggered, pumping mixing unit with 2 components, 17 cylinders
1230 mm
year 2012
 LAM 045
COMEXI NEXUS EVO Duplex Laminator
Speed 400 m/min., Un/Rewinder shaftless, max. reel diam. 1000 mm, pumping mixing unit, ENERCON 10 KWS corona treatment, web guide units
1300 mm
year 2005
LAM 044
Laminating & Coating, water based, wet and dry primer, Material: BOPP, PP, synthetic paper, speed mech. 250 m/min., First unwinder NON-STOP on 76/152 mm cores, max.reel diam. 1000 mm, Secondary unwinder NON STOP on 76/152 mm cores, max.reel diam. 1000 mm, Rewinder NON STOP on 76/152 mm cores, web tension range 15-40 kg, max.reel diam. 1000 mm, drying steam, pumping mixing unit, corona treatment, inline solventless lamination unit
1650 mm
year 2018

LAM 043


lam/coat: water based, Material: BOPP 22, 25, 28 mµ, silicone paper glassine type, Washi paper monosiliconised, speed 270 m/min., Unwinder non stop on 76 and 152 mm cores, Non stop Rewinder, max.reel diam. 1000 mm/each, electric drying, Pumping mixing unit, corona treatment, in line 3 color gearless flexo unit

2040 mm

year 2018

LAM 042
SOMA LAMIFLEX 1320 Duplex Laminator
SOLVENTLESS, Speed 400 m/min., Un/Rewinder shaftless, tension control system , 3 AC servo motors, 4 dancer rollers, digital weg guiding system
1320 mm
year 2010
LAM 017
Speed 200 m/min., 2 Unwinder / 1 Rewinder max.reel diam. 1000 mm, coating unit, BST web guide
1600 mm
year 2014
LAM 013
solventless Duplex Laminator, PET, OPP, Nylon, LDPE, ALU, PAPER, speed 300 m/min., 1.+2. Unwinder and Rewinder shaftless, max.diam. 860 mm, solventless coating unit, pumping mixing unit, 37 coating rollers, roller holding stand.
1200 mm
LAM 004
Duplex Laminator, 1330 mm, Alu, LDPE, LLDPE, Nylon, Cast, OPA, PETP, PP Cast, paper, BOPP, speed 450 mpm, 1.+2. unwinder shaftless driven, max.reel diam. 1000 mm, drying gas burners, pumping mixing units, Corona treatment

1330 mm
year 2011
LAM 002
Lam+coating, Solventless, all plastic film, Alu foil, paper, speed 400 mpm, 1.+2. unwinder shaftless driven, max.diam. 1000 mm, coating unit trolley based, solventless and rotogravure trolley, ZEILO register conrol for cold seal register, Pumping mixing unit, Corona treatment
1320 mm
year 2010
LAM 989
operating speed 80 m/min., dryer tunnels on top: electr. heated air, tunnel 1+2 4 zones, infrared heating, Reverse/offset coating units 2/each, unwind magnetic powder brake, EUROTHERM FVC with load cell feedback 
340 mm
LAM 984
SOLVENTLESS, flexible packaging films, speed 400 mpm, 1. unwinder shaftless driven, max.diam. 1000 mm, 2. unwinder shaftless driven, max.diam.reel unwinder 1000 mm, pumping mixing unit NORDMECCANICA WORLDMIX, Corona treatment
1530 mm
year 2013
LAM 983
lamination+coating, SOLVENTLESS, SOLVENT BASED, HOTMELT, Speed max. 250 m/min., max.diam.reel un/rewinder 800 mm, max.diam.reel rewinder, 1000 mm, electric drying, CASON corona treatment
1000 mm
year 2011
LAM 872
SOLVENTLESS; all plastic film and paper; speed 350 m/min. SHAFTLESS 1./2. Unwinder, Rewinder max.reel diam.1000 mm; pumping mixing unit, CORONA treatment; 2 spare lam/coat.nip rollers
1300 mm
year 2006
LAM 869
Speed 250 m/min., anilox rollers with ceramic coating, sleeves system, doctor chamber blades, cooling rollers, rubber press roll, EUROKLIMAT heating unit; optional: UTECO Turret Un/Rewinder 1250 mm, Diam.800 m
1500 mm
year 2009
LAM 868
Max.reel Diam. Un/Rewinder 800 mm, single station with photocell web guide
800 mm
year 2012
LAM 867
ALU, PVC, PaperSpeed 450 mpm, 1./2. Unwinde, Rewinder, SHAFTLESS, max.reel diam.1000 mm; pumping mixing unit, Corona treatment
1700 mm
year 2009
LAM 866
Lam./coating, Material Paper, BOPP, ALU foil; Un/Rewinder max.reel diam.1000 mm, pumping mixing unit, 2. Coating unit
2-roll wax+microwax; Secondary unwinder SINGLE position driven
1300 m
year 2007
LAM 863 UTECO CORAL 675 Coater
900 mm
year 2006

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