LP 072
CMR Flexoprint 420-8 GL Narrow Web Flexo Printing Machine
Print repeat range 300-600 mm, Drying UV for unit 1-8 and gas dryer for rotogravure, single Un-and Rewinder 800 mm, Type of inks UV Number of colours : 8 UV +1 inline rotogravure unit (waterbased) currently configured to print on the backside Max. mechanical speed 150 m/min Materials – thickness :Paper and Alu 30-70 µm, laminates 30-70 µm Number and sizes airshafts for winders  2 Heating source included, Edge guide Video camera, Corona treater  Number of aniloxes About 60 (apex) Number of sleeves       Approx 20 sleeves Including UV dryer with Nitrogen inert from “PrintConcept”
8 colors
410 mm
year 2007
LP 071
NILPETER MO4 Narrow Web Flexo Printing Press
Drying 8 UV lamps make VTI, Unwinder OD 800 mm, core 76 mm, 6 col. offset, 2 col.flexo, corona treatment VETAPHONE, Rewinder reel size 176-184 mm-192-200 mm, 1 die station Servo
8 colors
430 mm
year 2007
LP 061
NILPETER FA 3300 Flexo Label Press
UV drying, double sided web cleaner, double sided corona treater, 8 UV flexo print stations, water cooled UV-DPL, screen print statikon, Turnbar, delam/relam, rotary die stations, chill rollers for filmic substrates, sheeter, 35 sets print cylinders, 27 magnetic die cylinders
8 colors
330 mm
year 2002
LP 037
MIDA MAQUINARIA MD 330 Narrow Flexo Printing Machine
print width 330 mm, UV drying, 6 Col. UV OFFSET + 1 Col. Flexo Hot Foil stamping, rotary die cutter, Flat die cutter 
7 colors
330 mm
year 2003
LP 855
Print repeat range 300-800 mm, TURRET autom. Un/Rewinder diam. 1000 mm
8C, 850 mm
Year 2001
LP 853
Print width 330 mm, UV Drying, Corona web cleaner,
3 STORCK silk screen units, Rotary/double die cut unit,
Relam-relam, turn bar, lamination unit for varnish and
self adhesive lam.,cold foil unit
10C, 330 mm
Year 2007
LP 852
Print repeat range max. 610 mm, UV Drying,
SINGLE Un/Rewinder, mech.speed 150 m/min.,
label counter, web cleaning unit
6C, 255 mm
Year 2002
LP 851
8 UV dryers, 2 rotary die stations, Rewinder 750 mm,
2 Unwinder, Web tension unit, E&L web guide, Laminating unit
8C, 240 mm
Year 2004
LP 850
UV drying, Unwinder/Rewinder, 4 Letter press print stations 1 UV flexo varnish station 3 Rotary die positions Web guide Flatbed die cutting Slitting with exhaust Sheeter
4C, 220 mm
Year 2002
LP 848
Print repeat 203-558 mm, 10 IR Drying with temperature control; unwinder/rewinder 1000/600 mm
10C, 530 mm
Year 2014
LP 847
Print repeat range 152-457, Hot air drying, Unwinder diam.1016, Rewinder diam. 762 mm, mechanical speed 500 m/min.
8C, 267 mm
Year 2003
LP 794
UV drying with water cooling, bothside roll cleaning and
corona and print, dela-relam, die cutting station,
roll-roll, roll-sheet, 35 sets of printing cylinders,
27 magnetic cylinders
8C, 330 mm
year 2002
LP 788
Print repeat range 203.2-609.6 mm, full hot air drying
on each print station, E+L web guide, UVtek UV dryers
x 7, 450 mm wide, installed 2011, BST video web inspection, one die station, print cylinders, anilox
10C, 510 mm
year 1998

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