DTB 080
Double bubble Extrusion Line
Film structure A-B or A-B-A Layer unit, output 2500 kg/24h, 104 kg/h, Rewinder 2 winding unit, 1780 mm each, lateral trimming cutting system of the bubble, knife unit for longitudinal cutting, razor blade, max. rewinding diam. 600 mm, max. line speed 45 m/min., automatic pellet loader
2 Layers
1780 mm
CST 098
LDPE, screw diam. 130-90-90 mm, head CLOREN die width 2400 mm, chill roll unit, web guides, fully automatic rewinder max.reel diam. 800 mm.
5 Layers
2000 mm
year 2009
CST 097
Material 8 - 40 mµ, speed 700 m/min., output 1300 kg/h, screw diam. 100-160-75-65, head CLOEREN, die width 2550 mm, Eurochiller, SCANTECH thickness control, INNOPLAST dosing units, CLOEREN feed block and die, tria system, Rewinder DOLCI BIELONI FCL, water cooling motors and gearboxes.
7 Layer
2000 mm
year 2012
CST 078
speed 600 m/min., output 990 kg/h, INNOPLAST dosing units, head CLOEREN with internal deckling, NDC thickness control system, web guide, rewinder double 1000 mm wide for hand and automatic rolls.
3 Layer
2000 mm
year 2006
CST 077
LLDPE Stretchfilm, Speed 500 mt/min., Screw diam. 180/26-90/30-90/30, head EDI Autoflex, chill roll unit 3000 mm, MEASUREX thickness control system, web guide E+L, Turret Rewinder, Roll Palletizing autom. line. 
3 Layer
year 2002
2500 mm
CST 055
Speed 550 m/min., Output 1200 kg/h, screw diam. 120-60-60-60 mm, DOTECO gravimetric dosing units, Head automatic, Thickness control system NDC thickness gauge, Rewinder Turret max.reel diam. 3000 mm, shaftless for 2” & 3” cores, Starlinger recycling and re-pelletizing machine incl. offline recycling line.
5 Layer
Year 2009
CST 040
Film structure ABC, Thickness control system, web guide
3 Layer
Year 2008
2400 mm
CST 008
speed max. 600 mpm, Extruder screw diam. 65-100-100-65 mm, Gravimetric dosing unit, Die CLOEREN automatic, Chill roll unit diam. 1200 mm, Thickness control system, Rewinder: 2 winders turret type; pre-stetch reels, oscillating device.
5 Layer
2000 mm
year 2012
CST 007
Speed max. 600 mpm, Extruder screw diam. 75-90-90-75 mm, Gravimetric dosing units, Thickness control system, Web guide, Rexinder max.reel diam. 400 mmRewinder jumbo and machine reels, Thickness 15-40 mµ
5 Layer, 3000 mm
CST 998
Output 600-700 kg/h, EDI Head, Thickness control system KRYPTON 85, Rewinder for machine and jumbo rolls, Film thickness 10-30 mµ, chiller, Compressor overhauld
3 Layer, 2000 mm year 2006
CST 997
Material CPP, STRETCH 15-50 mµ, PP 20-150 mµ Screw diam. 65-130-65 mm, die width 2000 mm, thickness control ystem, MERO Corona treatment, E+L Web guide
3 Layer
1500 mm
CST 982
Output 620 kg/h, CPP line installed with IR measuring system and Gravimetric system DOTECO
3 Layer, 2400 mm
Installed 2011
CST 974
Stretchfilm 12-50 mµ, speed max. 600 m/min., chill roll unit 2700 mm, diam. 960 mm, chill roll cooling by thermoregulated water
5 Layer, 2000 mm
Year 2006
CST 973
PE, output 1200 kg/h, Screw diam. 160-90-120-90-120 mm, Automatic head feedblock EDI, chill roll unit SCANTECH thickness control system year 2008 ADTECH PROVERA Rewinder
5 Layer, 2000 mm
Year 2002
CST 946
ABC film structure, output 1000 kg/h, extruder screw diam. 90-170-90, gravimetric dosing unit, CLOEREN head, chill roll unit, edge pinning, vacuum box, thickness control system SCANTECH, web guide oscillating device, Rewinder for machine reel and jumbo
3 Layer, 2000 mm
Year 2006
CST 945
Output 1200 kg/h, extruder screw diam. 130-160-160-130 mm, automatic die, chill roll unit roll width 3800 mm, automatic thickness control system, web guide, rewinderfor jumbo and machine reels
5 Layer, 3000 mm
Year 2001
CST 730
Film Thickness 12-90 mµ, speed 200 m/min., Corona Treatmentdescription on demand
3 Layer, 2450 mm
CST 726
ABCD film structure, speed 450 m/min., output 1500 kg/h%, extruder screw diam. 160-160-50-70 mm, CLOEREN head, die width 3600 mm, chill roll unit, thickness control system, Rewinder jumbo and machine rolls, film oscillating device, water pumping unit
4 Layer, 3000 mm
CST 722
STRETCH LLDPE Film, speed 550 m/min, output 1400 kg/h extruder screw diam. 90-160-120 mm, AC motor%2C CLOEREN die width 2550 mm, chill roll unit%2C thickness control system, automatic Rewinder, 5 slitting knives%2C 4 lanes, static eliminator, edge trim recycle system, trim cutting device, process control system, control panel ventilation, automatic cardboard cores feeder, inline scarps recovery system, granulator.
3 Layer, 2000 mm
Year 2004

CST 644


Extruder screw diam. 114-63-63 mm, die width 2540 mm

3 Layer, 2000 mm    Year 1995

CST 643


Speed 600 m/min., extruder screw diam. 80-160-80 mm, hydraulic screen changer, AC motor, volumetric doser, automatic die with thermos bolts thickness profile control, dual chamber vacuum box, chill roll unit, thickness control system, web guides, TURRET rewinder for jumbo and machine reels, autom.reels unloading, inline edge trim recovery system

                        3 Layer, 2000 mm  Year 2009

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